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 Battle Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Rules   Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:21 pm

Do keep in mind that the site's general rules are still in play when it comes to battling.

When 'composing' battle against another user's or player's character, one is not to God-Mode, end of story on that part. God-Moding is much more than frowned upon and will be punished against those who use it accordingly.

God-Moding is explained in the Site Rules and being that you should have already read them, it will not be explained here.

Now, I will explain something here in reference or reminder that God-Moding has brought to my attention. In some cases, a user may type that their character has used something and perhaps something else as well, as if a follow up for if the first 'something' did what it was suppose to. In a case such as this, if you are able to stop the 'something' then simply stop it and if they claim that it hit and the whole issue gets or begins to get out of hand, contact an Administrators, and do not continue the battle until it has been seen to by an Administrator.

There is no such thing as auto-hitting for it can always be blocked. Always. That is final. This will not be argued because we are already going to allow things to be unable to dodge, thus we will not allow something to automatically hit, hence why we allow things to be blocked. If you are able to block an undodgable skill then congratulations. Now, why are we allowing things to be unable to be dodged? Because surely others besides ourselves have heard of things similar or exactly like heat-seeking missiles, or weapons that 'trace' someone. So, we had to let it slide.

When it comes to skills, only use the ones that have been approved by an Administrator or allotted Moderator. Administrators or Moderators that are allowed to check skills will not be allowed to check their own. An Administrator or Moderator who checks your skills will post the words updated under the set of skills you have placed to be looked over. If there is any problems or questions they will send it to you via private message. This is to insure the least amount of times possible someone will edit their skills, because once an admin places the word 'updated' as a post after them, it will reveal if someone has edited the previous post. If a post is found edited you will be questioned by the one who checked your skills or me if I have saved a copy of your skills else where to keep a record of the deductions or restorations. If you want to make a change to a skill or skills that have already been approved, private message an Administrator or Moderator who checks skills, so they may make the change to avoid an edit showing up with misunderstandings following.

Now, some of you may have noticed that when you post and then view your post after it's posted, there are three bars below the avatar. (Note: There are a few things in between them.) These bars are to be referred to when battling and a user or player is able to edit the two bars when they go to their profile and then the character sheet part of the profile. This is to make it easier to keep track of how much 'health', strength, and 'energy' your character loses when in battle. The more you battle the more experience you get and the more experience you get the higher you can get your level once you have reached a certain amount. As you level, it will require more experience to gain levels in a slow but steady raise through gaining.

If a member is seen changing the max amount of their character, they will be warned. Each level has it's own amounts for 'health', strength, and 'energy' and by no reason as of yet will the max amounts change.

So now about the bars' titles. The one for health is called 'soul link' because this is the World Of Dreams where your soul is, in a way, and thus your link to your life in the 'Real World.' While the one for energy is 'mana' since mana is suppose to be like life energy as well. It will take 'mana' to use different skills and such while taking a hit from anything that reducing a user's mana will reduce the one who was hit's 'soul link.' Strength is more for weapons or things we the Administrators think it should involve for certain reasons. Those who choose to be a Human is also recommended to inform an Administrator since they may possibly need extra points put into their strength since Humans, even if they choose or don't choose to fight often, can only have light, which is blatantly non-powerful.

When using skills, please copy and paste the skill or skills being used, so that the deductions and such are known to all. Only use up to two skills in a post please to keep over use down.

When you are hit by a skill, or use one, subtract--- or add in the case of healing skills--- the necessary amounts from your character sheet to keep track.

Please refer to the 'Homicide' section of the Site's Rules for information about killing a user's character.

When a battle has been completed, please inform one of the administrators or moderators, who have been approved for the task, below. It'll help to inform them/fill out the template below so they know certain information.

Combatants: (Who all participated in the battle.)
Location: (The place that the topic is in. Example: The Alleys: Kashira.)
URL Link: (The url to the topic of the battle.)
Pages: (From page __ to page __ of the topic.)

[color=white]URL Link:[/color]

Battle Overseers


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Battle Rules
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