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PostSubject: Elements   Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:09 pm

Below will be each element that the site allows. Nothing else will be considered an element and there for will be asked that it would go under your gift/special ability.

A bit about the element and their strengths (what element they're good against) and weakness (what element they're bad against) will be added. As time progresses you will eventually be aloud to have a second element. If you have a partner with you, you'll be able to make secondary elements as well from combing your element (or one of your's) with their element (or one of their's). Secondary elements can also be have by those that wish to have them as their special ability or as their element or second element when aloud to have a second.

Also, if you have one element and a second element and they combined can make a secondary element, you cannot make it by yourself. This is to keep things a bit more controlled. So for example, if I had both fire and wind/air, I could not make lightning unless I find someone else that has either fire or wind/air.

I would also like to thank and give credit to wikipedia for this. Information was found here

Keep in mind the word usually as well because it does not mean always.


    Strength: Air, Ice/Frost/Snow, Nature/Plants/Grass/Wood
    Weakness: Water
    Information/Description: It is one of the Five basic elements at Castle in the Sky. Fire is the most thought of offensive element out of the five basic elements. Those who have mastered control over fire may control fire, of course, heat, and blasts/explosions. Its control of heat though does not allow you to control the heat of lightning however due to the matter within the bolts. Fire or heat can be produced in the air by those that control this element by heating up different particles until the catch a flame.

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    Strength: Fire
    Weakness: Earth, Lightning/Electricity, Nature/Plants/Grass/Wood
    Information/Description: It is one of the Five basic elements at Castle in the Sky. Water is often seen as the element of regeneration or healing. It is the calmest element out of the five basic elements. Those who chose to control water are usually ones who avoid fighting but that doesn't make any water elementalist weak. Control of this element gives one control of water, also known as dihydrogen monoxide or H2O, and moisture.

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    Strength: Water, Lightning/Electricity
    Weakness: Air, Ice/Frost/Snow
    Information/Description: It is one of the Five basic elements at Castle in the Sky. Earth is often seen as the elemental of stability. Those who choose this element are usually strong and most favor defensive over offensive but this is not always the case. It is best in areas that are either barren with abundance in life. Earth can control ground/soil types and rock types here in the Castle in the Sky.

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    Strength: Earth
    Weakness: Fire
    Information/Description: It is one of the Five basic elements at Castle in the Sky. Air is seen as the element of freedom since it can go where it wants. Even in the Castle in the Sky, Air is most everywhere. Those who choose this element usually focus on speed which can result in fast attacks, quick reflexes, and quick maneuvers to dodge. Characters who choose this are well rounded in physical strength and defense, usually seen as average.

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    Strength: None
    Weakness: None
    Information/Description: Aether, more commonly known as energy but also called other things, is one of the basic elements and yet at the same time is not an element. It can be used in any condition (Area/weather) and not be effected in a positive or negative way. It has no elemental properties and there for is more neutral.

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    Strength: Spirit
    Weakness: Spirit
    Information/Description: Spirit is an unstable element if it would even be called one. It is often the element of summoners who can summon even the spirits of elementals of other elements however, the Spirit user would only be able to control that summon for the amount of time used with the skill itself. Spirit may also be looked at as the element of possession though it would leave the body of the one projecting their soul to possess someone else however there are limits to this. Not only that, their soul can be broken to pieces and left on things so that they may either avoid death or control an object. Seeing Auras and Souls come with controlling this element.
    Godmodding with this skill is extremely easy and will be watched. Questions regarding anything to do with this skill may be asked.

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    Strength: Holy/Light
    Weakness: Holy/Light
    Information/Description: An element usually thought of to be the element of evil. This element uses things like shadows, darkness, and dark matter/energy. Those who have this element can be very creative and go from using the shadows to hide themselves or travel through to using dark energy to solidify it and turn it into an object though some objects can not withhold a shape with dark particles of matter or energy. This element is one of the harder ones to control. This element is also oddly strong against it's opposite but at the same time weak against it.

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    Strength: Shadow/Darkness
    Weakness: Shadow/Darkness
    Information/Description: This element is generally thought to be the element for goodness. It uses lights of all sorts and holy like energy. Similar to water, this element is usually seen to be a healing or restorative element. Like its counterpart, this element can be very creative depending on the user. It also is one of the harder elements to control and is also weak and strong against it's opposite, Shadows/darkness.

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    Strength: Water
    Weakness: Earth
    Information/Description: Can also be created by combining Fire with Wind/Air elements from two separate people. Lightning is quick and as wild as the storms it mostly comes from naturally. It can be hard to control but once mastered can be very useful. Users of this element can call it from the sky, control the bolts from naturally storms, charge or discharge electrical systems, and/or charge their own body with lightning or electricity. This element can also been seen as aggressive and energetic.

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    Strength: Earth
    Weakness: Fire
    Information/Description: Can also be created by combining Water with Wind/Air elements from two separate people. A seemingly quiet and passive element that is actually aggressive and cruel, this is how the element Ice can be looked at. Users of this element tend to be able to change water to Ice, lower temperatures, cause snowstorms or blizzards, and much more.

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    Strength: Water
    Weakness: Fire, Metal
    Information/Description: Can also be created by combining Earth with Water elements from two separate people. Nature is more of the plant life of earth which is why it is in a separate element all together since you need to water plants be it naturally or by hand before they can grow. With this element, the very pretty and seemingly harmless flowers (like roses) can become deadly. Not to mention that with some plants also being poisonous, there's another weapon at the nature user's disposal. Forests can become a deadly nightmare for those who oppose a user of Nature.

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    Strength: Nature/Plants/Grass/Wood
    Weakness: Fire
    Information/Description: Can also be created by combining Fire with Earth elements from two separate people. This can also be argued to whether or not it is an element however, in this cause it is, no questions about it. This also allows it to be hidden, since not many would think it of an element. Metallic substances such as aluminum, lead, nickel, iron, cobalt, cadmium, silver, etc, can become the weapons of a Metal elementalist. One who opposes them could have their very weapons turn on them.

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Secondary Elements
These are the elements that can be created by one user of one of the elements required and another user with the other element required. A user with both elements for one thing combining them will not generally make the element below to keep things fair and in hand. This is subject to change in the future.


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