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A land made out of dreams for those who have fallen into a coma and are now lost within their dreams.
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 Draco De Ryuu

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Draco De Ryuu
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PostSubject: Draco De Ryuu   Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:16 pm

Reality exists even when we wish to live in a fantasy. What's your reality?

✧Given Name.: Ryuu
✧Additional Name.: Natsuka
✧Surname.: Shouji
✧Appearance Age.: 21
✧Actual Age.: 20
✧Gender.: Male
✧Sexuality.: Heterosexual

But if you could live a dream, who would you be?

✿Chosen Name.: Draco
✿Additional Name.: De
✿Surname.: Ryuu
✿Appearance Age.: 21
✿Actual Age.: 210
✿Gender.: Male
✿Race/Species.: Dragon
✿Sexuality.: Asexual

How do you appear in your dream? Do you look as you do in reality or do you look how you wished at a time in your life?

✿Hair Color.: Raven Black
✿Hair Style.: Silky smooth, long near touching the floor. Well groomed and taken care of. His bangs are professional like as they cover his face. His hair gives his appearance a mysterious look, of which it hides his eyes.
✿Eye Color.: Abyss Black, Same color as Onyx, a pure black gem. His black eyes are rare and the cat like look in them can be seen but only when close up being a talking distance.
✿Complexion.: Gorgeous Tan, similar to a honey color with a silky texture.
✿Height.: 6'7
✿Weight.: 188 pounds
✿Markings.: Draco has three markings. A large scar on the middle section of his chest, a Long chinese dragon tattoo completely covering his back and spine, and a dagger shaped bithmark on the right side of his neck.
✿Apparel.: Draco wears very expensive clothes, similar to kimono like wear with heavenly scarfs and rings as well as necklaces. The thing he can not live without is his necklace which holds a pure white pearl which he hides underneath his clothes. He also wears anything else, it all depends on the weather.

How do you display yourself and how are you really in this dream?

☆Personality.: Draco De Ryuu is a mysterious individual. He's nice, He's Gentle and caring, he's distant, he's the kind of guy who takes a long time to seriously get to know. Mature, and wise. He gives others advice while others the cold shoulder. Loving almost everything that catches his eyes, he can be very serious when someone annoys him. Liking to help children and or women, he will stand by you in loyalty and other times he may leave you behind if in a large crowd. Many call him a light, while others do not agree. Being a bubbly character on his good days, while being a depressed sort of slump on his bad. He can make someone happy and or sad. When he first meets someone he ignores them and tells them to leave. But over time he will sigh and talk to you. Wanting to be himself, he will most certainly let anyone be themselves. Watching almost everyones every move, he will be silent until he asks you something. Draco De Ryuu is a man that is some what hard to get a long with all thanks to his mysterious personality.
☆Temper.: Somewhere along the middle, it all depends if the person annoys him.
☆Sees Self As.: Good, but when thinking entirely to himself he feels well different like he doesn't understand why he is this way. So, most of the time he sees himself as a lonely iceberg which never melts to anything.
☆Talents.: Cooking any kind of food, First Aid, and making medicine
☆Inefficiencies.: Brewing Tea, Painting, and Singing.
☆Habits.: Will ignore people who wishes to talk to him, Staring off in the distance for long periods of time.
☆Fears.: Losing his Necklace, Being hurt in a emotional way.

  • Open fields
  • Horses
  • The sea
  • Mountain sunsets
  • A little bit of everything else


  • Annoying people
  • People who hurt others
  • The color pink
  • Suits, you have to force him to wear them. (Thinks they are constricting)
  • Loud noises, like crying babies that never silence.

Dreams can be bent so you are not the same as in reality, some bendings give you power and strength while others give you weaknesses.


  • Strength
  • Stealth
  • Two senses (Sight, and Smell)
  • Wisdom, thinks when a battle is in session.


  • Onions. (Can't stand the smell of them)
  • Bright Lights.
  • Crying Babies.
  • Easily distracted by when something crashes or catches his eyes.

How do you defend what you care for?

✿Element.: Light
✿Special Ability/Gift.: All the traits of being a Dragon
[/list]✿Weapon.: Harp
    Weapon Description.: His harp is enchanted and can pretty much change to any weapon he may need. Sword, Scythe, and Spear.

In reality, who would be your family?

☆Father.: Dan Shouji (Step)
☆Mother.: Lousiana Shouji (Blood)
☆Siblings.: Lex Shouji and Mai Shouji (Step)
☆Other.: N/A

What is your history?

✧Your Past.: It started out in Tokyo. A young man was some what hated by his step father for as long as he could remember all do to his serious personality. When Ryuu attended his parents marriage things went down hill. When something bad happened that his two step siblings caused, he was blamed for it. When he backed talked, he would be locked in his room for hours on end. On the 6th month of his parents marriage, anger turned to hatred and so on and so forth. Ryuu Natsuka Shouji's hair use to be short and due to his step father liking it that way, he let it grew to a very long length which made his father angry. His birth mother started to dislike her own son, which put him on the road of depression. On his way to college one morning, his mother told him in a bitter voice. "I wish I never had you" Ryuu being hurt by her words left for school, which it was a high level universty in his town. Walking when a red light was up, Ryuu's dead lifeless eyes didn't see anything coming until he had saw a 18 wheeler truck and thus ran out infront of it. Everything went black when it passed over him...

✿Your Dream.: When Ryuu was happy with his mother not being married. A dream begun, when Ryuu was a little boy with his father who had died in a car crash was with him took him to a Chinese Dragon Theatre like play in Tokyo. Ryuu being named after the dragon fell in love with them and was addicted to them. Dreams started where Ryuu was a dragon who was gorgoeous yet kind like his father and he went on advetures just like the theatre actors did when his father had showed him when he was a little boy. When his father died, the dream continued on and thus he became more deseperate for comfort from his dreams and Draco De Ryuu was born to continue his happy dreams of his father and him for the connection was made permanent.

Character Picture.

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PostSubject: Re: Draco De Ryuu   Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:03 pm


  • Because you're basically giving yourself two Elements; Light as your desired Element and Wind manipulation as your Special Ability; you will be closely watched.

  • Also, your Weapon is on the verge of god-modding. We'll allow you to have a harp that changes into other weapons, but you'll need to limit the number of those weapons to three. In other words, you can have a sword, axe, and frying pan, but ONLY those three. So choose three weapons and add them into your description, then you'll be set.
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    Draco De Ryuu
    Level 1

    Posts : 4
    Join date : 2010-12-26
    Age : 27
    Location : Anywhere the wind leads

    PostSubject: Re: Draco De Ryuu   Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:08 pm

    Edited. I changed my special gift for I don't want to be a godmodder and the weapons like you limited.
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    PostSubject: Re: Draco De Ryuu   Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:58 pm

    Thank you for making the changes.~

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    PostSubject: Re: Draco De Ryuu   

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    Draco De Ryuu
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