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A land made out of dreams for those who have fallen into a coma and are now lost within their dreams.
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 Tyrael ((W.I.P))

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PostSubject: Tyrael ((W.I.P))   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:42 pm

Reality exists even when we wish to live in a fantasy. What's your reality?

✧Given Name.: Ravhan
✧Additional Name.: Hunter
✧Surname.: Meardyn
✧Appearance Age.: 19
✧Actual Age.: 19
✧Gender.: Male
✧Sexuality.: Heterosexual

But if you could live a dream, who would you be?

✿Chosen Name.: Tyrael
✿Additional Name.: Arch-Angel Tyrael
✿Surname.: ~
✿Appearance Age.: Unknown
✿Actual Age.: Unknown
✿Gender.: Male
✿Race/Species.: Angel
✿Sexuality.: Heterosexual

How do you appear in your dream? Do you look as you do in reality or do you look how you wished at a time in your life?

✿Hair Color.: His hair is almost purely white, the tips of his hair however, colored with a light, tinted blond.
✿Hair Style.: His hair is is a mixture between short and long, at the top of his head, it's slightly long and shaggy, seen more often as rough or rugged. near the back of his head, down near the back of his neck he has a long tail of hair that reaches down to the center of his spine.
✿Eye Color.: As part of an accident, Tyael lost his right eye in a fight, though it was said to have been a mixture between black and purple, his left eye is a pure white with a red iris.
✿Complexion.: As an angel his complexion is a simple creamy color, that of any normal human. Though as an angel he is able to take on any skin color he wishes, though his natural skin color remains unknown, he is said to have a creamed tan.
✿Height.: 5"10
✿Weight.: 158 lbs
✿Markings.: None
✿Apparel.: Tyrael is commonly, or rather always seen in his royal robes as it is his uniform of a soldier. ((Quiet hard to explain the picture really, would be too difficult to put into words))

How do you display yourself and how are you really in this dream?

☆Personality.: Being a man of god he is a man filled with a VERY strong sense of Justice but tends to be rather inflexible. He tends to have a sense of justice to the point where a strong crime such as murder or rape is punishable by death and you are guilty until proven innocent. Apart from being a strong believer in god he tends to be seen praying at night when the starts are bright in the sky.

Tyrael has two sides to him, a strong religious man not a religious Zealot though. And a second side that is he tends to be a soft quiet man that when speaks he speaks in riddles or even in songs. Speaking in songs is his way of getting rid of his emotions. He uses music as his escape from duty and an escape from emotion putting his emotion into his song lyrics. After the death of his friend “Orca Of The Azure Sea” part of the Ocean-guard Clan whom could breath underwater. The death of his friend while fighting a Demon when they were 18 hit Tyrael extremely hard.

Tyrael can be seen either at a church mostly or at a river or lake paying his respects to Orca even though Orca died in mid sea travel. The boat was ambushed, Tyrael was the only survivor due to the fact he can fly using his wings.

Also being born in the cold hard lands of the Norse he has an accent that most find either Odd, a Curse or just plain wicked. Though he doesn’t much like his accent he can change it by using a diving rite that allows them to change how they sound. He will usually hold an accent that sounds almost exactly like Japanese to hide the fact that he is from outside of the lands that are known.

As a survivor of Ragnarock (Beginning of time) Tyrael is unknown in age. No one knows how old he was when he was when he died and no one knew when he was born. Given his old body when he was taken away for the battle. 21 years old is what he has looked like for the beginning of the New World, which no one knows how, long ago that was. He is a man that doesn’t like to fight but if he must he will call upon the powers of the gods to help him in his fights (the strength he received as a gift for surviving Ragnarock).

Being the last of his clan he is the only living descendent of the three Valkyrie sisters. As he is the only living heir to them he takes very much care in transporting the souls of the dead to Valhalla (Referring to the Norse god’s heaven). Unlike most, Tyrael is far from a soldier, seen as a messenger because he belongs to no village at all Tyrael tends to be seen in almost every village that has a wounded or dying person in it very often.

In combat Tyrael is a man of honor and a man of fair fights. If the opponent doesn’t have a weapon Tyrael won’t use his long-sword. If the person can’t use some sort of, extra ordinary talent he won’t use it either but he will fight with his bare hands

☆Temper.: Extremely Hard.
☆Sees Self As.: Tyrael feel's strongly about himself, as a man of god, he is constantly proud in who he is, letting no one change his views.
☆Talents.: Poetry, Martial-Arts, Sword-play/Fencing
☆Inefficiencies.: Dancing, Manipulating people, Lying.
☆Habits.: Creates poetry, tends to be extremely blunt even without knowing.
☆Fears.: Failure in his duty. Loss of his wings.

  • Peace through-out the world ((A world with no boundaries))
  • To find his long awaited love
  • To put an end to the war between Angel's and demons.


  • War between any race, over any reason.
  • Rude and arrogant people.
  • Liars and thieves.

Dreams can be bent so you are not the same as in reality, some bendings give you power and strength while others give you weaknesses.


  • {{These are your characters strengths. More can be added but has to be even with Weaknesses}}


  • {{These are your characters weaknesses. Has to be even with the number of Strengths.}}

How do you defend what you care for?

✿Special Ability/Gift.:
    Explanation of Special Ability/Gift.:
    Weapon Description.:

In reality, who would be your family?

☆Father.: { Calabaster ((Dead)) }
☆Mother.: { Ashley ((Dead)) }
☆Siblings.: { Cassandra - Sister ((Comatose after car accident)) }
☆Other.: { None }

What is your history?

✧Your Past.: {Include your reality's past and how they got into a coma. This can be marked as 'Secret' but you must P.M. an administrator your history.}

✿Your Dream.: {Include how your dream's character came to exist. Why they exist, if your dream character has a kind of past of their own. If they have a past you wish to keep secret then P.M. it to an admin. as well.}

Character Picture.

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Tyrael ((W.I.P))
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