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A land made out of dreams for those who have fallen into a coma and are now lost within their dreams.
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 Ishida, Sono

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Neko Sono
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PostSubject: Ishida, Sono   Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:38 pm

Reality exists even when we wish to live in a fantasy. What's your reality?

✧Given Name.: Sono
✧Additional Name.:
✧Surname.: Yamamoto
✧Appearance Age.: 21
✧Actual Age.: 20
✧Gender.: Male
✧Sexuality.: Heterosexual

But if you could live a dream, who would you be?

✿Chosen Name.: Sono
✿Additional Name.:
✿Surname.: Yamamoto
✿Appearance Age.: 7
✿Actual Age.: 15
✿Gender.: Male
✿Race/Species.: Neko
✿Sexuality.: Heterosexual

How do you appear in your dream? Do you look as you do in reality or do you look how you wished at a time in your life?

✿Hair Color.: Brownish Gray
✿Hair Style.: Kind of wild, mostly messy.
✿Eye Color.: Both eyes are a sparkling emerald green. They shine more when he gives people his kitty face.
✿Complexion.: His skin is a semi-pale white, the color goes from his head down to where his limbs attach to his torso. His arms and legs are covered in black fur.
✿Height.: 3'7
✿Weight.: 52 pounds
✿Markings.: N/A
✿Apparel.: Sono usually wears his long sleeve grayish green hoody. His wears a pair of dark blue sweatpants, he feels jeans to be to tight and shorts just make him cold. The blue sneakers he wears he stole from a store, he was almost caught until he ditched in a ally and put them on, then there was no catching him what so ever!

How do you display yourself and how are you really in this dream?

☆Personality.: Sono is a bit of a wild card. One second he could be happy, then just plain crazy. He usually happy, and impulsive. When sad he likes to hide under his hoody to keep his face from peoples view. He is very curious, he becomes easily distracted when he see's something shiny. When not playing or being crazy he likes to sleep, if not sleeping then eating. He is very shy when it comes to meeting new people, but he is more sky towards males than females, seeing a cute girl makes him bashful and somehow makes him a bit more out going. When he see's someone he likes he won't hesitate to give them a hug and call them by a nickname he chooses.
☆Temper.: He barley gets mad.
☆Sees Self As.: A cute little cat.
☆Talents.: pick pocketing.
☆Inefficiencies.: Getting away with his pickpocketing.
☆Habits.: Nibbling on his white tipped black tale.
☆Fears.: Heights.

  • Eating.
  • Sleeping.
  • Playing.
  • Having his ears played with.
  • Oranges
  • Candy!
  • Cat Nip~
  • Squishy Squishy~~ ((This is how he refers to hugging/cuddling/snuggling with girls he knows.))


  • Mean people.
  • Weapons.
  • Fire!!
  • Not playing.
  • Cold~

Dreams can be bent so you are not the same as in reality, some bendings give you power and strength while others give you weaknesses.


  • Keen sight.
  • Speed. ((He can high tail it when he really needs to!))
  • Hiding in small places.


  • Being caught by his tail. [[Anyone bigger than him can make him helpless just by hanging him by his tail.]]
  • Fire!!
  • Metal~

How do you defend what you care for?

✿Element.: Nature
✿Special Ability/Gift.: Nature Transformation
    Explanation of Special Ability/Gift.: Sono can turn into simple things like a bush,a small pine tree or even a bed of flowers to escape to escape his enemies, or to blend in when he tries to steal something.
✿Weapon.: His claws.
    Weapon Description.: His natural retractable claws.

In reality, who would be your family?

☆Father.: Yamamoto, Kai [Adoptive Father]
☆Mother.: Yamamoto, Haruka. [Adoptive Mother]
☆Siblings.: N/A
☆Other.: N/A

What is your history?

✧Your Past.: Sono was born like any other child, in a hospital. Sono's parents then had to face the hard reality they were a bit poor and wanted Sono to have a happy life, so they put him up for adoption when he was little. Being put up for adoption as a baby he had no idea what was happening around him. Sono was adopted by a nice young couple 4 years after living at the orphanage, Haruka and Kai Yamamoto, a newly married couple who couldn't have a child of their own do to certain complications pf both parents. Kai and Haruka treated Sono as if he was their own, feeding him, clothing him, even taking him to the park to play!. Growing older he never knew he was adopted and assumed his last name was Yamamoto as well. By the time he was ten, Kai brought home their very first house pet, a cat named Momo. Sono immediately fell in love with his new friend and began to take care of Momo thinking she was a present for him instead of the family. Sono soon had a weak spot for cats and anything cat like. One day when Momo got outside Sono went chasing after her, she fled into town. Looking high and low he almost gave up until he heard something in a ally way. Peeking around the corner he discovered Momo digging through a trash can. Relieved to see her he ran over and gave her a big hug. Then something you would never really see coming happened. When he went into the ally he failed to notice the building was a apartment. Failing to hear a large party going on on the top floor, he payed no mind to it. A girl had arrived at the party finding her boyfriend cheating on her, with that she grabbed the heaviest thing she could find and tossed it at him. He ducked and the big lamp fell out the window and hit Sono on the head pretty hard. He was found unconscious about 4 hours later by a trash man. The trash man called 911 and Sono was brought to the hospital. When he arrived the doctors did a x-ray of his head to find out he had a concussion that he got from the lamp falling on his head. Sono slipped into a coma and his adoptive parents were called. As his parents stayed by his side, the more Haruka would buy him little stuffed cats as get well gifts. Unsure what to do the parents continue to leave him on life support until he would he would show signs of improvement.

✿Your Dream.: While is reality, Sono had a love for cats and everything having to do with cats. He often imagined about what it would like to be a cat. His little imagination would often times make him have dreams of being part cat. Slipping into the dream world with his conscious and imagination of being a cat turned him into a neko.

Character Picture.

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PostSubject: Re: Ishida, Sono   Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:53 pm

Accepted! ^_^. Welcome to the Castle In The Sky, and enjoy your time!

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Ishida, Sono
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