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 Mai, Kuya [WIP]

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Kuya Mai
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PostSubject: Mai, Kuya [WIP]   Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:17 pm

Reality exists even when we wish to live in a fantasy. What's your reality?

✧Given Name.: Lucia.
✧Additional Name.: Glacies.
✧Surname.: Fuyoko.
✧Appearance Age.: Twenty-Two.
✧Actual Age.: Eighteen.
✧Gender.: Female.
✧Sexuality.: Heterosexual.

But if you could live a dream, who would you be?

✿Chosen Name.: Kuya.
✿Additional Name.:
✿Surname.: Mai.
✿Appearance Age.: Twenty-Two.
✿Actual Age.: Nineteen.
✿Gender.: Female.
✿Race/Species.: Crusnik.
✿Sexuality.: Heterosexual.

How do you appear in your dream? Do you look as you do in reality or do you look how you wished at a time in your life?

✿Hair Color.: Onyx Black.
✿Hair Style.: Kuya's hair is cut short, towards her shoulders. Although, it's not a clean cut. Kuya's hair is slightly choppy at the bottom and spiked downwards. Her hair isn't like many other women, or girls. It's dry almost as if gel was hard and dry. The only time it feels almost silk like is if she's coming out of the shower, or something as such. All the time, does her hair seem like dry and solid.
✿Eye Color.: For being a Crusnik, Kuya's eyes are a light almost shifting red colour in both of her eyes. Sometimes, her eyes can be seen as a gentle gray colour. Like a soft stone colour.
✿Complexion.: The shade of her skin is a pale sense, due to barely being out in the sun. The skin on her hands are normally rough, never soft like normal women.
✿Height.: Five foot and seven inches.
✿Weight.: One-hundred and ten pounds.
✿Markings.: Along her left jaw is a jagged scar.
✿Apparel.: Kuya wears a simple black shirt that rips a tiny bit around the collar area. It's either a black, or a dark crimson red shirt that she'll wear. Kuya will always carry, or wear a black leather jacket. Around the collar, the cuffs and the bottom of the jacket is white fur. The jacket has four pockets. Those pockets are only located inside of the jacket. Where Kuya normally hides certain items that seem . . not to appear when others go looking. The black haired woman wears exactly the same colour as everything else. A mix of black and blue jeans. Through the belt loops is a black belt with a silver steel buckle. Shoes, well, they're just simple black dress shoes.

How do you display yourself and how are you really in this dream?

☆Personality.: Kuya doesn't seem to like other people that much. She tries to stay away, or stray away from people when they come close to her, or want to get to know her better. The only time she'd get to "know" them is when she questions them for their own name. Other than that, she doesn't like to know other people. Like most beings around - she has emotions. The only emotion that didn't quite carry over, or that she didn't "learn". The emotion is disrepair and sadness. Kuya is aware of the danger that may be around her, that's why her "Race" blood lust tends to appear when she feels threatened. She normally will fight back in order to live, and if she must, Kuya will retreat in order to stay alive. If, a very Big If, Kuya was to become close with at least one person. That one person would become the reason why Kuya would fight for them.
☆Temper.: It's quite hard to make Kuya angry. The only way to get her very mad - to make her want to kill a person is if they find a certain topic that bothers and makes her feel a certain emotion that she tends to ignore.
☆Sees Self As.: Kuya sees herself as a person who hides from people more happier. Who'd rather make a difference without being noticed.
☆Talents.: Playing the Piano. Hunting.
☆Inefficiencies.: Cooking/Baking. Showing, or Confessing her feelings.
☆Habits.: A very . . . strange habit is that Kuya tends to sleep with her eyes partly open. Mutters incomplete nonsense to herself time to time.
☆Fears.: Fire. Lightning.

  • To Find someone Understanding.
  • Kill anyone who gets in her way.
  • Willing Vampires.
  • Water.
  • Sleeping.


  • Humans.
  • Unwilling Vampires.
  • "Holy" People.
  • Pizza.
  • Guns.

Dreams can be bent so you are not the same as in reality, some bendings give you power and strength while others give you weaknesses.


  • Night.
  • The Shadows.
  • Water.


  • Dawn.
  • Light.
  • Earth.

How do you defend what you care for?

✿Element.: Darkness/Shadow.
✿Special Ability/Gift.: Sanguis Crystal.
    Explanation of Special Ability/Gift.: Sanguis Crystal is something that's part of Kuya. She's able to crystallize her own blood once it's outside of her body. The ability is normally used in combat, as it's normally used for her to "lock" the person into place so that they can't run. Or . . . There's always the fact if another person of her kind was to force her into letting them drink from her. Kuya would be able to crystallize the person who drank from her - since it's a Sin to her kind and she isn't quite fond of being forced to do something.
✿Weapon.: Culmus.
    Weapon Description.: Culmus is a simple dagger that is kept in one of the four main pockets in her jacket. The blade of the dagger is silver steel with a red tinge to it. The handle of the dagger is emerald cloth.

In reality, who would be your family?

☆Father.: Old High School Picture | Shoji Fuyuko {Forty-Two}
☆Mother.: Deceased | Lilith Fuyuko {DoD: Forty}
☆Siblings.: Adopted | Cecil Remus {Twenty}
☆Other.: The Twins | Datchi {Left} / Lucian {Right} [Nineteen]

What is your history?

✧Your Past.: The first memory that Lucia could remember was opening her eyes to see the vast open ocean. The scent of salt air was all new to her little body. It was strange, she felt as if she was missing a little part of herself since she only remembered the first sight of the ocean at the age of four. Lucia had been on a boat with her mother, father and surprisingly adopted brother who's name was Cecil Remus.

A few months later, Lucia remembered herself being tested, most of the Doctors were looking at her eyes. She asked her parents a few times, and they only told her it was natural for kids her age to be tested with their eye sight. Lucia had also once asked the family Doctor. He simply told Lucia to question her parents.

One night, Lucia remembered waking up to hearing the voices of both of her parents. They were loud enough to wake up Cecil who was sharing a room with Lucia. The two children remembered hearing "It's a miracle, Shoji . . . She can see." It sounded like their mother was crying. Lucia felt bad for her mother, thinking she was the reason making her Mother feel so sad.

The next few years had gone by quickly for Lucia. She started school and made many friends, mainly of the male student body. Not because she was a flirt, it was because she felt more comfortable with them than females. It was when she was eight that she met the twins who could become her two "Boyfriends" as a ongoing joke between childhood friends with the trio.

The tests continued with Lucia's eyes. Sometimes she would have to leave school and go to the Hospital where they at one point, had to stick a needle into her eye. From that point on, Lucia had said that she hated hospitals from that point on.

When she was thirteen, her eye sight had became outstanding, and she never needed testing ever again. Her adopted brother, Cecil began to act strange around Lucia. He became more protective of her, and gave many looks to males who weren't The Twins. He had held her closely in a tight hug.

A little older and Cecil had told the family he wanted to de-tach himself from everyone, that he'd rather not be part of the Fuyoko family. Lucia didn't understand, but her parents allowed it to happen, months later. Cecil had stolen Lucia's first, and soon to be last kiss only. He told her he didn't see her as a sister, but more than that. Lucia was confused by this, but followed the strangest feeling in her heart.

✿Your Dream.: {Include how your dream's character came to exist. Why they exist, if your dream character has a kind of past of their own. If they have a past you wish to keep secret then P.M. it to an admin. as well.}

Character Picture.

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Mai, Kuya [WIP]
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