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 Black, Apple

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PostSubject: Black, Apple   Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:51 pm

Reality exists even when we wish to live in a fantasy. What's your reality?

✧Given Name.: Alicia
✧Additional Name.: Navia
✧Surname.: Wilder
✧Appearance Age.: 21
✧Actual Age.: 25
✧Gender.: Female
✧Sexuality.: Straight

But if you could live a dream, who would you be?

✿Given Name.: Apple
✿Additional Name.: Navia
✿Surname.: Black
✿Appearance Age.: 19
✿Actual Age.: 343
✿Gender.: Male
✿Race/Species.: Celestial
✿Sexuality.: Homosexual

How do you appear in your dream? Do you look as you do in reality or do you look how you wished at a time in your life?

✿Hair Color.: Starlight Silver
✿Hair Style.: Apple styles his hair so that sometimes he has bangs going over one of his eyes or so that they appear to be evenly cut right before his eyes. His hair is long at about waist length and he sometimes has a small portion of hair from both the left and the right side of his face hanging over his shoulders.
✿Eye Color.: His right eye is a dark redish-pink and his left eye is a sapphire-royal blue.
✿Complexion.: Apple has flawless pale-peach skin that's basically at the terms of the saying 'baby soft' or 'feminine feeling.'
✿Height.: Five feet and three inches. (5' 3")
✿Weight.: One hundred ten pounds (110 lbs)
✿Markings.: Apple has scars over his back that are faint but noticeable if looked at in the right lighting as if they came from a whip though one particular scar that runs down the middle of his back at an angle could have come from a blade. Apple also has some scars that came from burning. The scars from burning though can be shown or not shown depending on Apple's will since the scars from two burning are from the real world only. Also, with the first set of burning are 'holes' in her hands from nails.
✿Apparel.: Since Apple likes to cross-dress he usually dresses in woman's clothing. Apple usually wears a black dress that has a collar with gold trim around the collar, down the neck length then over to the shoulders and around the 'sleeves'. Technically there are no sleeves because it is cut like a tank-top. The bottom of the black dress is cut into four sections and he wears tight white shorts and a tight white shirt underneath it. He wears three red belts that hang on his side. The inside of the black dress is crimson red and at the bottom of each of the four sections that the bottom of the black dress is cut into has gold trim. He then wears boots that are white which reach a little past his knee with a gold diamond on the knee. On his arms he wears separately cut sleeves that have cold trim at the top and bottom and a belt strap around the top to keep the sleeve held up and a small strap around the wrist gently to keep it held in place. This is Apple's usual apparel, it can change especially if he decides to stop looking and posing as a girl.
Apple always wear's a necklace that has a relation and exact look from when he was a she and alive. The necklace has faint burn marks.
Apple does have angel wings granted from being a celestial however his wings are poison purple.

How do you display yourself and how are you really in this dream?

☆Personality.: When meeting new people, Apple is generally kind and offers a polite greeting however depending on the reaction that is given in return, Apple's personality can change almost instantly. If given a cold sort of response, Apple will ignore and be just as cold to them, not wanting to waste time with those who won't spare it. But if Apple is given the chance to get to know someone, he can gradually start to open up his defenses that he has placed to protect himself emotionally. Apple tries to be very open with his emotions when he is around someone whom he trusts greatly. However, in other cases, Apple will mostly show a smiling face, despite the situation since he believes a smile can unnerve some people depending on what situation is going on. When Apple is alone he longs to find others to speak to but at the same time wants to keep a distance from others because of his past from reality. In the mornings, Apple can be grumpy for he isn't a morning person and will try to stay in bed/asleep as long as possible. Generally though, Apple tries to be carefree or at least try to act the part. Apple also loves to try and get close to males when they believe he is female just to later tell them he's male to see their reaction after getting so close to them. Generally though, Apple knows his reason for staying at a bit of distance from others from being treated as a Witch and always hearing the quote "A Witch must always be hunted."
☆Temper.: Depending on who he is around, Apples temper can be hard to notice. Only those close to him and know him well will know when he's upset/in a bad mood.
☆Sees Self As.: Apple sees himself as someone who is always or almost always alone and unable to leave the 'mask' that is worn behind.
☆Talents.: Flexibility, Telling when people are lying, Very high stamina
☆Inefficiencies.: Cooking, Giving directions to places, Believing people once she loses trust in them.
☆Habits.: Walking Aimlessly; Reading Instead of Listening
☆Fears.: Being burned alive again; Nails [The ones that are hammered not the finger nails.]

  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Blue, Red, Black Roses
  • O Blood
  • Male Blood
  • Most Hard Candy
  • Salem (her previous pet bunny)
  • Butterflies
  • Fire
  • Plums
  • Grapes
  • Piano Music
  • Flute Music
  • Violin Music
  • Milk
  • Storms
  • Cool Weather
  • High Places


  • Tea [Drink]
  • Morning
  • Moths
  • Being Denied Blood
  • Not Succeeding in a Contract
  • Fire
  • Daisies
  • Insults Toward Her Father
  • Her Mother
  • Pears
  • Coconut
  • Snails
  • Peanuts
  • Hospitals
  • Completely White Rooms

Dreams can be bent so you are not the same as in reality, some bendings give you power and strength while others give you weaknesses.


  • Speed/Agile----Apple focused on speed rather than physical strength like his mother so he developed an extreme speed
  • High Stamina----Apple has a high stamina and thus he doesn't get tired easily
  • High Pain Tolerance----He has a high mental and physical pain tolerance to the point that he actually enjoys most forms of pain, though the enjoyable part comes mostly from physical. This is because of the different things Apple has suffered through.


  • Masochistic----His high pain tolerance also effected him in a way of weakness, making him feel some pain as pleasure which can lead him to taking too many hits in a battle and causing him to get in a grave situation
  • Fire----Under certain situations, Apple is afraid of fire that it can cause him to forget certain things. This comes from almost being burned alive and then burned alive later.
  • Salem----Salem was Apple's pet bunny when Apple was alive as Alicia. No matter what, Apple still doesn't want to see harm come to Salem who is now Mango and thus can lead to trouble on is part.

How do you defend what you care for?

✿Element.: Lightning
✿Special Ability/Gift.: Authority
    Explanation of Special Ability/Gift.: Apple's ability of authority is accomplished by using his voice or eye contact, even sounds that are generated by him [clapping, whistling, talking, singing, playing an instrument.] allows Apple to force a command over someone. If the command has eye contact then it can even brake mental barriers but without eye contact, it cannot get pass them. The commands have a great range from simply having someone answer a question truthfully to hurting someone else but he can not have someone kill themselves or someone else. Each 'command' or use of the gift will have it's own skill but things such as answering questions truthfully or sincerely will not require one.
✿Weapon.: Celesia
    Weapon Description.: Gloves that seem like they have claws with them on each finger however, there are wires that will not snap or break which come off each 'claw'. Each wire is sharp enough to cut metal just as the 'claws' are.

In reality, who would be your family?

☆Father.: Navia Wilder
☆Mother.: Mary-Ann Knight
☆Siblings.: None
☆Other.: None

What is your history?

✧Your Past.: Apple was born in 1667 as Alicia Navia Wilder. Alicia was the daughter of Mary-Ann Knight, a courtesan from, and Navia Wilder, a fortune teller and an adviser to the King Charles II of England. Navia Wilder made plans to leave court and travel to the New World to take home in Salem. Upon learning of Navia's plans to leave England, Mary-Ann became infuriated and gave him the three day old daughter that was their's. The daughter was unnamed until Navia set sail to Salem. He named her Alicia Navia Wilder, mostly after himself since his love had left their daughter in his care and went for another man within an hour of the news of his departure, he didn't think she needed a part of her mother. However as Alicia grew older, she grew more like her mother in appearance except for the color of her hair. Her hair was a deep night black with shocking blue eyes that matched her mothers. Though she grew up in her father's care in Salem, learning his way of fortune telling and other education that most woman hardly had at the time. His teachings expanded imagination but she started to wish she had been born a boy, to avoid the comments of the children and adults who noticed her intelligence. So in the late of nights, she dreamed she had been born a boy, but not just any boy, a boy who would taunt others in a way but acting as a girl, a boy who looked so much like a female that no one would no, not even by the sound of his/her voice. She wished dearly that it would come true. However, she knew that it was just a dream. The wish of an over active imagination of a child. Thus, she grew up, alone in terms of human friends. She had her father and at the age of two she had a pet bunny whom she named Salem, after the town that was her home. Alicia spent her time either in her teachings or telling her dreams and wishes to Salem, the only friend she had. As she grew older, more kids started to avoid her and Alicia felt an ominous wind coming, a wind her father told her was called the Black Wind, the wind that said death would come. And death did come, after two days, a Witch was announced in Salem; Alicia was fifteen years old. When they took the woman up to be hanged, Navia tried to defend the woman, saying how she couldn't be a Witch but the young woman who had accused the woman of being one continued to say they were seeing horrible visions and that the woman was the cause. The woman died and Navia was accused of being in league with the Witches after three years for trying to defend countless numbers of people who were accused of this falsely. When Alicia was eighteen, her father was put on the list to be executed. She begged and pleaded that there was a mistake, that her father wasn't in league with the Witches but her words fell, unable to reach others for they didn't want to listen. Navia was burned at the stake and Alicia was forced to watch. It was the worst moment in her life and she wished that her words would be listened to more than ever then. She spent then spent most of her days indoors with Salem, crying or being overly silent. Alicia would now believe that was a mistake on her part because the villagers thought she was preparing a spell to avenge her father. She and even Salem were dragged out of their home and brought to the stake to be burned. Alicia screamed in pain when the raging flames began to crawl up her skin. She passed out after a short moment, her vision going blank. It had started to rain and the rain put the fire out so they took her body down from the stake, she was surprisingly still alive but unconscious. It was then that Alicia had fallen into a coma. From then until she was twenty-five, she was in a coma. Alicia never woke from it because the building that she was in caught fire suddenly and she was burned alive in a sense. Thus, her soul was very kept in the Castle in the Sky.

✿Your Dream.: Apple was born from the wish of Alicia Wilder wanting to be born a boy who looked female. He was to look exactly like a female when dressed in a way to taunt how things were frowned upon during her time of birth. Apple does have a past of his own but it is currently a secret. However he is 343 years old actually because of the current world's time and the time of his birth long ago.

Character Picture.


"No one holds command over me.
No man. No god. No prince.
What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal?
What is a claim of power for ones who defy death?
Call your damnable hunt.
We shall see who I drag screaming to hell with me."
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PostSubject: Re: Black, Apple   Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:25 pm

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Black, Apple
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