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 Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Weapon Template   Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:42 pm

Now since you basically filled this out in your character application, this should be easy and if your character is approved, then this probably will be too. I say probably, because this is trying to go in depth of you weapon, specify what is what, and if an administrator or moderator that approved your application for you character, may not be the one to approve your weapon, thus getting another person's view on it. If there's a problem, talk decently and respectfully to the head administrators.

Name: (Optional)
Type: (What kind of weapon is it? Sword, gun, chainsaw, pipe, etc)
Range: (General range of your weapon. Short, Medium, Long, Short/Medium, etc)
Required Mana/Strength: (The amount of mana or strength it costs to use the weapon.)
S.L. Deduction/Restoration: (The amount of Soul Link (health) that is deducted (-) from the target or restored (+) to the user.)
Powers: (Does your weapon do anything special? Note: This will cause it to take extra strength and possibly mana if it has a power or just to use the power.)
Description: (We would like words and a picture here. Picture is optional, words are not. This is because some pics may go in a spoiler and sometimes, spoilers won't open.)

[color=#008877]Required Mana/Strength:[/color]
[color=#008877]S.L. Deduction/Restoration:[/color]


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Weapon Template
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